27+ Python Programs to Reverse a String

This post contains a total of 27+ Hand-Picked Python Program examples to Reverse a String, with Source Code. All the Programs are made using Python Programming language.

You can use the source code of these programs for educational use with credits to the original owner.

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1. By Harshita Verma

Made by Harshita Verma. Simple Python program to reverse a string using Stack. ( Source )

# Function to add an item to stack .
def push(stack,item):
#Function to remove an item from stack.
def pop(stack):
    if len(stack) == 0: return
    return stack.pop()
# A stack based function to reverse a string
def reverse(string):
    n = len(string)
    # Create a empty stack
    # Push all characters of string to stack
    for i in range(0,n,1):
    # Making the string empty since all characters are saved in stack    
    # Pop all characters of string and put them back to string
    for i in range(0,n,1):
    return string
string = reverse(string)
print("Reversed string is " + string)

2. By Vladimir Goman

Made by Vladimir Goman. In case you need to change the name in other places, enter them separated by a space. This code will return the name and surname in the reverse order. ( Source )

print(" ".join(input().title().split(" ")[::-1]))

3. By priya

Made by priya. ( Source )

# reverse string

4. By Daniel Săvescu

Made by Daniel Săvescu. A simple program to reverse a string. ( Source )

#Reverserd String

user_input = input("Enter a string : ")
reversed_string = user_input[::-1]
print("Original String Is : ", user_input)
print("Reversed String Is : ", reversed_string)

5. By Pedro Maimere

Made by Pedro Maimere. Enter your text string to reverse it. ( Source )

# Simple output:

# Returns original and reversed inputs:
(lambda t:print("Original input:",t,"","Reversed input:",t[::-1],sep="\n"))(input())

6. By Chigozie Anyaeji πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

Made by Chigozie Anyaeji πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬. ( Source )

#One liner revearse string
#for 2 minute coding challenge
string = input()
re = string[::-1]
print ("The revearse of string: "+ string+" is")
print (re)

7. By Yusra

Made by Yusra. ( Source )

st=input("enter a string:")
for a in range(-1,(-len(st)-1),-1):

8. By LayB

Made by LayB. A program that reverses a string. It works with web links too. ( Source )

s = input("Enter your phrase: ")
newS = s[::-1]
print (newS)

9. By Yaseen Akbari

Made by Yaseen Akbari. ( Source )

#Reverse String

#Enter your text...
word = input()


10. By Aibek T.

Made by Aibek T. Python program to reverse a string using slicing. Just a code snippet for reversing a string the pythonic way. This technique is called slicing. ( Source )

s = input()
print('Input string:', s)
s = s[::-1]   #reverse by slicing
print('Reversed str:', s)

11. By Lothar

Made by Lothar. Reverse integer number without using any string function. ( Source )

This version shows how to reverse an integer number. Using a string from the number and retrieve the reverse value with a slice is very common. But as you can see there is also an other possibility to do so.
buf = []
The input is done in a way that the input value will be converted from string (all inputs are strings) to int. To store the input integer as splitted digits (separated) a for loop together with the input() function is used. The complete expression is embraced with brackets []. This enables to store the digits as a list. "list2 = list(int(x) for x in input('Enter integer number: '))" is also possible. Integer 254 will show as [2, 5, 4].
list2 = [int(x) for x in input('Enter integer number: ')]
print('Input is:   ',*list2, sep ='')
To iterate through the separated digits a for loop with an additional enumerator is used. Variable i holds the digit and val the "index". Calculation is done by the modulo operator and using the remainder. The individual digits will then be multiplied with 10 and the power of the index. Result of this step is appended to a list buf. Final step is to calculate the sum of buf.
for val, i in enumerate(list2):
	buf.append((i % 10)*10**val)
print('Result is: ',sum(buf))

12. By Mohamed Arshad

Made by Mohamed Arshad. ( Source )

for a in range(-1,(-length-1),-1):

13. By Richard Myatt

Made by Richard Myatt. Simple Python program to reverse a string. ( Source )

# Function to reverse a string
def reverseString(str):
    return str[::-1]

text = input()

print("The string you entered is:      %s" % text)
print("The reverse of this string is:  %s" % reverseString(text))

14. By ManishA Sahu


s=input('Enter string:')
L=s.split(' ') #convert str. into List
for i in L:        

    x=i[len(i)::-1] #reverse of word
    Q=Q+x+' '    #adding to a new str.
print("NEW STR. : ",Q)

15. By Smith Welder

Made by Smith Welder. Enter your string in line ‘put = “tset deeps”‘. ( Source )

import time

def timer(label='', trace=True):
    class Tester:
        def __init__(self, func):
            self.func = func
            self.alltime = 0
        def __call__(self, *args, **kargs):

            start = time.process_time()
            result = self.func(*args, **kargs)
            elapsed = time.process_time() - start
            self.alltime += elapsed
            if trace:
                print (f'{label} {self.func.__name__}: {elapsed:.2f} {self.alltime:.2f}')

            return result
    return Tester

#print(f'{input()[::-1]}') vs  print(''.join(reversed(input())))

put = "tset deeps"

@timer(label ="string")
def f(v):
    return f'{v[::-1]}'

@timer(label ="reversed")    
def r(v):
    return ''.join(reversed(v))

for func in(f,r):
    print(" ")
    result = func(put)
    print(f'allTime = {func.alltime:.2f} sec')

16. By Srivikas M

Made by Srivikas M. ( Source )

def rev(str1):
    str2="    "
    while i>=0:
    return str2
word=input("Enter a string:")
print("The mirror of the string is ",rev(word))

17. By Kala Nandini

Made by Kala Nandini. Enter the string in line print(string_reverse(‘1234abcd’)) to get the reversed . ( Source )

def string_reverse(str1):

    rstr1 = ''
    index = len(str1)
    while index > 0:
        rstr1 += str1[ index - 1 ]
        index = index - 1
    return rstr1

18. By Tharun Kumar

Made by Tharun Kumar. ( Source )

startmsg = input()
endmsg = ""
for i in range(0,len(startmsg)):
  endmsg = startmsg[i] + endmsg

19. By Nithish

Made by Nithish. Python program to reverse a text string. ( Source )

n=input("Enter Your Name :\n ")
for i in range(f):
	print(f-i," ",n[i:][::-1])

20. By Neha Nikam

Made by Neha Nikam. String reverse using a user defined function. ( Source )

def reverser(squares):
    for num in squares[::-1]:
    return lst

squares = [0, 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81]
squares = reverser(squares)

21. By Mike Shaw

Made by Mike Shaw. ( Source )

#Python reverse trick

rev = input('Enter something to reverse: \n')
print('The reverse of your input is: ', rev[::-1])

22. By Abhishek Gupta

Made by Abhishek Gupta. ( Source )

string=input("enter a string:")
print("the",string,"in reverse order is:")
for a in range(-1,(-length-1),-1):

23. By Abdul Jalil

Made by Abdul Jalil. A small python program to reverse a string. ( Source )

word = str(input())
rev = word[::-1]

24. By Ahamed Sheriff

Made by Ahamed Sheriff. ( Source )

print(reversed_string  )

25. By Adrian

Made by Adrian. It takes the string, then flips it and reverses it. ( Source )

x = str(input()) # Stores user input.

def reverseIt(x): # Define function.

    i = 0 # Counter variable.
    w = [] # Empty list.

    for n in range(len(x)): # Start loop.
        i -= 1 # Index counter.
        w.append(x[i]) # Append list.

    w = ''.join(w) # Join list together.
    print(w) # Print new string.

reverseIt(x) # Call function.

26. By Glitched

Made by Glitched. ( Source )

class ForChallenges:
    def string_slicer(s):
        for i in range(1,len(s)+1):
if __name__ == '__main__':

27. By Bart Claw

Made by Bart Claw. Reverse a string using recursive. ( Source )

def revString(inS):
    if len(inS) == 1:
        return inS
        return inS[-1] + revString(inS[0:-1])
someString = "Reverse it!"


28. By Harinder Singh

Made by Harinder Singh. ( Source )