10+ Python Password Validator Programs

This post contains a total of 10+ Python Password Validator Program Examples with Source Code. All these programs to Validate Passwords are made using Python.

You can use the source code of these examples with credits to the original owner.

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Python Password Validator Programs

1. By Ayush Sinha

Made by Ayush Sinha. Program that validates passwords to match specific rules. For example, the minimum length of the password must be eight characters long and it should have at least one uppercase letter in it. Source

qwerty is a valid password : False
from string import punctuation
def Validator(x):
         n = (i for i in range(0,11))
         if ( (" " not in x) and ( len(x) >= 5 and len(x) <= 10)):
             for k in n:
                 if (str(k) in x):
                     for i in punctuation:
                         if i in x:
                            return True
         return False
p = input()
print(f"{p} is a valid password : {Validator(p)}")

2. By michal

Made by michal. A single line Python Password validator program. Source

print((lambda pw: len(pw)>=5 and len(pw)<=10 and " " not in pw and any(c in "0123456789" for c in pw) and any(c in "#€%&*-+()<>$Β§=:;,_.!?/@|~'\"\\" for c in pw))(input()))

3. By David Carroll

Made by David Carroll. RegEx Password Validator. Source

Input: "$ololearn7"
Output: True

Input: "7ololearn$"
Output: True

Input: "olol$earn7"
Output: True

Input: "olol7earn$"
Output: True

Input: "Sololearn"
Output: False

Input: "John Doe"
Output: False

Input: "$ololearn"
Output: False

Input: "7ololearn"
Output: False

Input: "ololearn7"
Output: False

Input: "ololearn$"
Output: False
import re

passwords = [
,'John Doe' 

status_labels = ["false", "true"]

#Original Regex:
#  ^(?=[^\s]*\d)(?=[^\s\d]*\W)[^\s]{5,10}$
password_rules = r'(?=[^\s]*\d)(?=[^\s]*\W)^[^\s]{5,10}$'

for password in passwords:

    print(f'Input: "{password}"\nOutput: {re.match(password_rules, password ) != None}\n')

4. By Anna

Made by Anna. Simple Password Validator. Source

Sololearn: invalid
John Doe: invalid
$ololearn7: valid
from string import digits, punctuation

def validate_password(p):
    if not 5 <= len(p) <= 10:
        return False
    if not any(c in digits for c in p):
        return False
    if not any(c in punctuation for c in p):
        return False
    if ' ' in p:
        return False

    return True

for p in ('Sololearn', 'John Doe'
, '$ololearn7'):
    print(p, ': ', ('invalid', 'valid')[validate_password(p)], sep='')

5. By CΓ©pagrave

Made by CΓ©pagrave. Another Password validator program using RegEx. Source

ypass             -> Not Valid
$ololear7          -> Valid
$olol arn7         -> Not Valid
sololearn          -> Not Valid
$ololearn          -> Not Valid
sololear7          -> Not Valid
$ol7               -> Not Valid
$ololear7$ololear7 -> Not Valid

More details :

" Mypass ":
  -> doesn't contain any digit,
  -> doesn't contain any special character,

" $ololear7 ":
  -> is valid

" $olol arn7 ":
  -> contains white(s) space(s),

" sololearn ":
  -> doesn't contain any digit,
  -> doesn't contain any special character,

" $ololearn ":
  -> doesn't contain any digit,

" sololear7 ":
  -> doesn't contain any special character,

" $ol7 ":
  -> doesn't have 5 to 10 characters,

" $ololear7$ololear7 ":
  -> doesn't have 5 to 10 characters,
import re

spChar = "!\"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>[email protected][\]^_`|{}~"

# passwords to check:
pws =  ( input(),
        '$olol arn7',

pat = "^(?=.*\d)(?!.*\s)(?=.*["+spChar+"]).{5,10}$"
for pw in pws: 
    print(f"{pw:18} -> {'Valid'*bool(re.search(pat,pw))or'Not Valid'}")

# detailed version:
print('\nMore details :\n')
rules = {
    '(?=^.{5,10}$)': "  -> doesn't have 5 to 10 characters,",
    '(?=.*\d)': "  -> doesn't contain any digit,",
    '(?!.*\s)': "  -> contains white(s) space(s),",
    "(?=.*["+spChar+"])": "  -> doesn't contain any special character,"
for pw in pws: 
    print(f'" {pw} ":\n','\n'.join([rules[r].format(pw)for r in rules.keys() if not re.match(r,pw)])or '  -> is valid',sep='')

6. By Nova

Made by Nova. Simple Program To Validate Password Using Python. Source

>>> Minimum Length Of Password :  5
>>> Maximum Length Of Password :  10
>>> Password Should Contain Numbers : 0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  
>>> Password Should Contain Special Characters : &  +  @  $  #  %  
>>> Password Should Not Contain Blank Spaces

Enter Your Password : Mypass123$%^
The Maximum Length Of Password Should Be  10  !!!
def intro(min_len,max_len,number,special):
    print("Password Validator Using Python")
    print(">>> Minimum Length Of Password : ",min_len)
    print(">>> Maximum Length Of Password : ",max_len)
    print(">>> Password Should Contain Numbers : ",end="")
    for x in number:
        print(x," ",end="")
    print("\n>>> Password Should Contain Special Characters : ",end="")
    for x in special:
        print(x," ",end="")
    print("\n>>> Password Should Not Contain Blank Spaces")

min_len = 5
max_len = 10
number = ('0','1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8','9')
special = ('&','+','@','$','#','%')
flag_no = 0
flag_sp = 0
flag__ = 0
flag_final = 0

password = input("\nEnter Your Password : ")
lst = [x for x in password]

for i in lst:
    if i in number:
        flag_no += 1
    if i in special:
        flag_sp += 1
    if i is ' ':
        flag__ += 1

if len(lst) < min_len :
    print("The Minimum Length Of Password Should Be ",min_len," !!!")
    flag_final += 1
if len(lst) > max_len :
    print("The Maximum Length Of Password Should Be ",max_len," !!!")
    flag_final += 1
if flag_no is 0:
    print("Enter Atleast One Number In Your Password !!!")
    flag_final += 1
if flag_sp is 0:
    print("Enter Atleast One Special Character In Your Password !!!")
    flag_final += 1
if flag__ is not 0:
    print("Remove The Spaces From Your Password !!!")
    flag_final += 1

print("\nRESULT :  ",end="")
if flag_final is 0:
    print("Your Entered Password Is Perfectly Validated.")
    print("So Please Make The Necessary Changes So Your Password Can Be Validated And Accepted ")

7. By Giannis Macheras

Made by Giannis Macheras. Source

Your password: pass123
Password Security Level: Weak
import re
password = input()
with_uppercase = re.match(r'.*[A-Z]+.*', password)
with_lowercase = re.match(r'.*[a-z]+.*', password)
with_numbers = re.match(r'.*[0-9]+.*', password)
with_symbols = re.match(r'.*[@#$%^&!;+-.,/\|]+.*', password)
adequate_length = len(password) >= 8
conditions_passing = len(list(filter(bool,[with_uppercase, with_lowercase, with_numbers, with_symbols, adequate_length])))
results = ["Extremely Weak", "Very Weak", "Weak", "Medium", "Strong", "Very Strong"]
print("Your password:", password)
print("Password Security Level:", results[conditions_passing])

8. By Niki

Made by Niki. Source

Valid password

if len(passw) in range(5,11) and any(j.isdigit() for j in passw) and any(spch in " [@_!#$%^&*()<>?/|}{~:].;/\|~`\"" for spch in passw) and " " not in passw:
    print("Valid password")
    print("Invalid password.\n⚠Read the rules in the comment.⚠" )

9. By Mohamed Arshad

Made by Mohamed Arshad. Source

Enter a password: asdf <-----The given password is invalid
password=input("Enter a password:")
	print("",password,"<-----The given password is valid and has been accepted")
	print("",password,"<-----The given password is invalid")

10. By Alice

Made by Alice. Basic Password validator program. Source

INPUT: qwerty
s = input("INPUT: ")
print("{}\n{}".format(s, 5 <= len(s) <= 10 and any(l in "0123456789" for l in s) and any(l in "!\"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>[email protected][\]^_`{|}~" for l in s) and not " " in s))

11. By lolo

Made by lolo. Source

Your password: " Pass123&& " is valid !
import re
import string



if len(psw)>=8 and len(psw)<15 :
    for i in range(len(psw)):
        if i<len(psw)-2:
            if psw[i]==psw[i+1] and psw[i]==psw[i+2]:repeatChar=True
        if re.search(psw[i],letters.upper()): letterUpper =True
        elif re.search(psw[i],letters.lower()): letterLower =True
        elif re.search(psw[i],digits): letterDigits =True
        elif re.search(psw[i],punc): letterPunc =True
    if letterUpper and letterLower and letterDigits and letterPunc and repeatChar==False:
        print("Your password: \"", psw,"\" is valid !")
        print("Your password: \"", psw,"\" is not valid !\n")
        if repeatChar==True: print("Repeated characters more than 2 times following")
        if letterUpper==False: print("Missing capital letter")
        if letterLower==False: print("Missing tiny letter")
        if letterDigits==False: print("Missing digit")
        if letterPunc==False: print("Missing punctuation")
else:print("Please enter a password between 8-15 characters")