7+ Python Programs to Calculate Area of a Circle

This post contains a total of 7+ Python Program Examples with Source Code to Calculate the Area of a Circle. All these Circle Area Calculator programs are made using Python Language.

You can use the source code of these examples with credits to the original owner.

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Python Programs to Calculate Area of Circle

1. By Anon

Made by C Anon. Program to calculate area of circle. Source

enter radius:10
Area of circle is calculated below:
a=int(input('enter radius:'))
print('Area of circle is calculated below:')
print('this is a program which can find area of circle of given radius')

2. By Julius Abucejo

Made by Julius Abucejo. Simple Circle Area Calculator made using Python. Source

Enter the radius of the circle: 11
The area of the circle is: 
#import math module
from math import*
a= float (input("Enter the radius of the circle: \n"))
print("The area of the circle is: ")
print (area)

3. By Joelsays

Made by Joelsays. Source

input the radius value 12
the area of the circle is
r=float(input("input the radius value "))
#i used float above in case user input is in decimal
print ("the area of the circle is")
print (float(c)) 

4. By Amartya Dwivedi

Made by Amartya Dwivedi. Python Program to find Area Of Circle using Radius. Source

Please Enter the radius of a circle: 13
Area Of a Circle = 530.66
PI = 3.14
radius = float(input(' Please Enter the radius of a circle: '))
area = PI * radius * radius
circumference = 2 * PI * radius
print(" Area Of a Circle = %.2f" %area)

5. By Dio Kristoffer Yap

Made by Dio Kristoffer Yap. Very basic circle area finder program. Source

AREA of the Circle = 615.44
x = (int(input("AREA of the Circle = ")) ** 2) * 3.14

6. By Alphaville

Made by Alphaville. Source

Area is 706.9499999999999
PI = 3.142
r = int(input("radius:"))
Area= PI * (r*r)
print("Area is",Area);

7. By Nishit Katole

Made by Nishit Katole. Source

Radius is 804.5714285714286
radius = int(input())
output = 22/7 * (radius **2)
print("Radius is " + str(output))

8. By Uniwylimp

Made by Uniwylimp. Source

Input your radius:17
 radius: 17.0 cm 
 ฯ€:  3.124 cm 
 AOC:  902.836 cmยฒ
print ("welcome to Area Of a Circle calculator ")

x = float(input("Input your radius:"))

pie =3.124

v = (x**2)*pie

print ("\n radius:", x , "cm \n ฯ€: ", pie, "cm \n AOC: " , v,"cmยฒ")