5+ PHP Blank Space Remover Programs

This post contains a total of 5+ PHP Blank Space Remover Program Examples with Source Code. All these Blank Space Remover Programs are used to remove Blank / White Space from Strings, and these programs are made using PHP.

You can use the source code of these examples with credits to the original owner.

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PHP Blank Space Remover Programs

1. By Fekri Jamil

Made by Fekri Jamil. Simple PHP Program to remove blank empty spaces from a input string. Source

input : ab c  d e fgh i  j kl mn  opqr  stuvwxyz
output : abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
$input_string = "ab c  d e fgh i  j kl mn  opqr  stuvwxyz";
$result_string = str_replace(' ', '', $input_string );

echo "<pre>";
echo "<strong>Remove Spaces from a String</strong> <br/><br/>";
echo "input : " . $input_string . "<br/>";
echo "output : " . $result_string . "<br/>";
echo "</pre>";

2. By Bnmx

Made by Bnmx. Basic program to Remove Spaces from a String. Source

Input Message : My Name is Behnam
The string without any spaces : MyNameisBehnam
$msg="My Name is Behnam"; //change string here
echo "Input Message : $msg ";
echo "<br>";
echo "The string without any spaces : "
     ,str_replace(' ','',$msg);   
// you can use str_split() too

3. By Nishan

Made by Nishan. This program will remove the white spaces between the string that is entered through “$word” . Source

  $word="hello good morning everyone";
  echo(implode(explode(" ",$word)));  

4. By Roronoa

Made by Roronoa. Source

a b c d
$input = "a b c d" ;
$result = str_replace(" ", "", $input);
echo $result;

5. By Bart Android

Made by Bart Android. Source

Remove spaces from a string:
Input : Yeah I can code, a bit!
Output : YeahIcancode,abit!
  $str = "<br>Yeah I can code, a bit!";
  echo "<em>Remove spaces from a string:</em> $str";
  $expl = explode(" ",$str);
  foreach ($expl as $x) {
      echo $x;

6. By Flying raah

Made by Flying raah. Basic PHP program to remove white space from text and number string. Source

Before: 1 2 3 a b c
After: 123abc
$text = "1 2 3 a b c";

function str_rmspaces($string = "") {
    return str_replace(" ", "", $string);

print "Before: ".$text."<br>";
print "After: ".str_rmspaces($text);