How to Get a Free Domain Name for 0$

If you’re a student or a developer that is looking for a free domain name for your next project or website then here’s how you can get one for free without paying a single penny.

I decided to write this blog post on this topic because recently I searched up on google and found out that the top results on google for this topic are basically garbage and misleading that doesn’t really teaches you how you can get a free domain name, rather they will just ask you to pay for hosting or other things that gives you a domain name with it.

So yeah that’s literally the opposite of getting a free domain name, that is the reason I wrote this article to show you how you can get a completely free ccTLD domain with no strings attached.

What is ccTLD Domain?

According to Wikipedia, A country code top-level domain is an Internet top-level domain generally used or reserved for a country, sovereign state, or dependent territory identified with a country code. All ASCII ccTLD identifiers are two letters long, and all two-letter top-level domains are ccTLDs.

Domain like .in, .uk , .us etc., falls in the ccTLD category.

What ccTLD Domain can we get for Free?

The Top Level domains that you can get for free are .tk (Tokelau), .ml (Mali), .ga(Gabon), .cf(Central African Republic), .gq(Equatorial Guinea). All these domain names work same as all other domain names like .com, .net, .uk etc.

Free ccTLD domains

How can we get a Free Domain name?

There are lots of ways that you can get a domain name for free, you can buy a hosting package that gives you a domain name as an combo, you can get subdomains like or or you can use that will give you a completely 100% free domain name without hosting.

Get Free Domain Name Using Freenom

To get a free domain name using freenom you will need to first choose a domain name and create an account on

Download VPN ( Only for NON-US Users )

Now before you start the process you will need to first download a free VPN extension for desktop or a free VPN app for android, ( Only if you are from outside the US ), for people that are from the US, you don’t need a VPN.

For Desktop – For Chrome desktop users you can go to Chrome web store and download the Touch VPN extension. For Firefox desktop users you can download the Hoxx VPN extension.

For Android & IOS – For Android and IOS users, you can search for ‘Proton VPN’ on the Playstore and App Store.

Now once you have installed the VPN extension or the VPN app open it and connect to ‘USA’, don’t connect to any other country because it wont work, after you have successfully connected to USA server you can now search for a domain name and create a new freenom account.

Search Domain Name & Choose Domain Validity

After you have connected to a VPN you can now search for a domain name at freenom, to do that go to – and in the search bar search for the domain name you want.

Search domain at Freenom

First enter the domain name you want and add the ccTLD at the end of the domain name ( Eg-,, etc. ). If you enter the domain name without the ccTLD at the end then you wont be able to get the domain name. So just enter your domain name with the available free ccTLDs ( .tk .ml .ga .cf .gq ).

After entering the domain name click on the ‘Check Availability’ button to check whether the domain you entered is available for registration or not, if it is then you will get the ‘Yes is available!’ at the top with the ‘Checkout’ button. If it is not available then search for a different domain name.

Check freenom domain availability

When you have got a domain name that is available for registration then click on the ‘Checkout’ button which will bring you to the Domain setup page.

Now in the Domain setup page you can select the time period of the domain registration, it is free for 12 Months so you don’t need to pay a single penny for 12 Months, after that if you want you can renew it. To select the time period click on the dropdown menu in ‘Period’ there select ’12 Months @ FREE’.

Selecting Freenom Domain Registration Period

In the same domain setup page you will get others options also like ‘Forwarding’ and ‘DNS’ which you don’t need to setup now as you can do it later. So now just click on the Continue button after selecting the time period.

Signup for Freenom Account

After setting up the domain settings you will have to signup for a freenom account, you can do that by manually entering your email in the email box then clicking on ‘Verify My Email’ or you can use Google Account Sign-in option. Google sign-in doesn’t require verification.

Now if you entered your email manually and clicked on the ‘Verify My Email’ button then you will receive an email from freenom to verify that email address. So go to your inbox and click on the verification link sent by freenom which will verify the email address and redirect you to the details page.

Fill Details & Complete Order

Once your email is verified you will need to fill up your details and complete the purchase of the free domain name.

In details you will need to enter a USA Billing Address, zip code and number, for which you can use this tool here –

Generate a billing address

At the end of the details enter a secure password that you will need to log in to your account. After entering all the details and password accept the Terms and conditions and click on the ‘Complete Order’ button.

If you didn’t got any errors then it means that your free domain is now successfully registered. Which means you can start using that domain name after a few hours.

Connect Freenom Domain with Hosting

Connecting your freenom domain with paid or free hosting is very easy, all you need to do is change either the nameservers or the DNS Records of your domain name.

Now what method you should use depends on your hosting provider, if your hosting provider recommends you to use nameservers then use that method, if they recommend you to use DNS Records then use DNS Records.

Connecting Freenom Domain to Hosting using Nameservers

To connect your hosting with your freenom domain using nameservers first copy the nameservers provided by your hosting provider, after that go to – while you are logged in to freenom.

This will open the Domains list, click on the manage domain option and go to the domain management page. In domain management tab click on ‘Management Tools’ then ‘Nameservers’. Here select the option ‘Use custom nameservers (enter below)‘ and enter your Custom nameservers, to save it click the ‘Change Nameservers’ button.

Use Custom Nameserver in Freenom

Once done, wait a few hours for the DNS to propagate and follow the rest of the instructions given by your web hosting provider.

Connecting Freenom Domain to Hosting using IP Address

To Connect your freenom domain to a hosting using IP Address you have to first copy the IP Address of your hosting server, after that go back to freenom domain management page. There click on the ‘Management tools’ then ‘Nameservers’.

In nameservers select the ‘Use default nameservers (Freenom Nameservers)‘ option, and save the options. After saving it click on ‘Manage Freenom DNS’ , Now in DNS settings enter your domain name without www in the ‘name’ field, after that in ‘Type’ select ‘A’ record and at last in ‘Target’ enter the IP Address of your hosting server.

The DNS Propagation might take a little bit of time so be patient and wait for a few hours.

FAQs –

How do I host my Freenom domain for free?

If you are looking for a free webhosting to host your Freenom domain then you can use GitHub pages static hosting, Google Blogger, or any other free web hosting sites. There are also cloud hosting providers which gives you free trials for 12 months to 3 months, you can also use those.

Is Freenom free forever?

No, Freenom domains are only free for a period of 12 Months. After 12 months you will have to renew the domains or you will lose the ownership of that domain name.

Is Freenom domain good?

Yes, Freenom domains are just like your regular domains that you purchase.

Conclusion –

So that is how you can get a free domain name for completely free without paying a single penny using freenom, you can also connect this domain to your own hosting if you want.